CAMPOS Faculty Scholars


CAMPOS Faculty Scholars- Nominations Welcome!

CAMPOS Faculty Scholars are exceptional scientists in a STEM discipline. They are selected for their transformative thinking, unique perspectives, interdisciplinary approaches, and leadership potential to impact their STEM discipline in profound and enduring ways. Their discoveries, innovations, and technological breakthroughs will contribute to the public good, locally, nationally, and globally. A CAMPOS Faculty Scholar is a role model for future scientists and scholars who share their vision of diversity and inclusion, as key components of the Academy in the 21st Century.

How can CAMPOS Faculty Scholars be nominated and appointed?

We are pleased to inform you that CAMPOS is accepting nominations for CAMPOS Faculty Scholars on a rolling basis! Search Committee Chairs and/or Department Chairs may nominate candidates that have been selected to interview for a UC Davis STEM Academic Senate faculty position within the current recruitment cycle/academic year if they meet one or more of the review criteria, as described in the CAMPOS Faculty Scholar nomination form.

  1. To nominate the candidates, Search Committee Chairs and/or Department Chairs must submit a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar nomination package to The nomination package includes:
  • The CAMPOS Faculty Scholar nomination form
  • A pdf of the faculty candidate’s dossier (CV, cover letter, statement of research, statement of teaching, publications, teaching interests, transcripts, references)
  • A letter summarizing any additional salient professional experiences
  • The faculty position announcement
  1. Promising candidates will be forwarded by the CAMPOS Review Committee to the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs, for final decision of selection of CAMPOS Scholars.
  2. The CAMPOS Faculty Scholar Award is contingent on the candidate’s acceptance of a faculty position, at UC Davis.

What does a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar receive?

  1. The Initiative may provide funding toward salary support
  2. A one-time contribution toward a summer GSR
  3. Professional development mentoring through the CAMPOS community
  4. A Launch Committee can be created for each CAMPOS Faculty Scholar
  • Supports early professional integration and development of CAMPOS Faculty Scholars as they begin their careers at UC Davis. The committees typically meet twice per quarter in person or by teleconference, 2-3 months before arrival through the end of the first academic year.
  • Launch committee includes:
    • A senior faculty member in the new faculty member’s department with related research interests
    • Department Chair
    • Senior faculty member from outside the department, in a field related to that of the CAMPOS Faculty Scholar
    • ADVANCE faculty member (convener of the committee meetings)
  1. Opportunity to participate in the 15-week Faculty Success Program by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).

The Faculty Success Program is more individually-oriented than the NCFDD Institutional Membership resources (already provided for free by UC Davis) and provides an intense and heavy-accountability structure through which individual faculty engage with the program and learn to implement the skill-sets and techniques that NCFDD teaches through their curriculum.

  1. Networking

Opportunity to meet UCD women in science and STEM Scholars monthly at the ADVANCE CAMPOS Cafecitos (coffee breaks)