Capital Resource Network


To significantly enhance support for the recruitment and retention of dual-career faculty by building an active regional employment network that will significantly expand the existing UC Davis Partner Opportunities Program by formalizing access to the labor market in the Davis-Sacramento region. 


The Capital Resource Network will meet 5 specific goals:

  1. Develop a regional employment network
  2. Provide confidential career coaching to partners of UC Davis target hires
  3. Develop a comprehensive guide to relocation, family services and resources
  4. Provide relocation assistance
  5. Develop a dynamic, clearly organized, and richly populated website

When will the Capital Resource Network (CRN) be available to the campus community?

Funded by a supplemental award to the NSF ADVANCE Award, the CRN is a valuable recent addition to the UC Davis ADVANCE program initiative line-up.  Through hosting at the Office of the Vice Provost Academic Affairs, limited services are available to the campus.  Preparations are underway for a regional launch of the employment network.  The Capital Resource Network has hired a director, has a new logo, is developing a website and is in the process of identifying and connecting to regional employers. 

What types of services will the Capital Resource Network (CRN) provide to the campus community?

CRN will provide an Initial Consult, Dual Career Support, New Arrival Integration and Cultural Transition services.  More information may be found HERE.  

Contact Information

Linda Assadian
(530) 574-8480