Advancing Women in Science and Engineering
Ten concrete steps administrators can take to accelerate the advancement of women in science and engineering

Using short summaries of existing research illustrating common situations women face in male-dominated environments (e.g., being a “token”, isolation, stereotype threat), this brochure suggests ten concrete steps administrators can take to alleviate these problems.

TIP #1: Learn about outstanding women on your campus

TIP #2: Learn from local experts about gender issues

TIP #3: Review campus data on equity

TIP #4: Study work/life issues 

TIP #5: Make gender issues visible 

TIP #6: Increase the visibility of outstanding women scientists

TIP #7: Support committees and task forces

TIP #8: Ask hard questions and take tough stands

TIP #9: Incorporate gender equity in campus planning 

TIP #10: Be receptive when presented with gender issues

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