Creating a Level Playing Field

In many ways, the playing field of work is still tilted in favor of men. Stanford Professor Shelley Correll explains how errors in judgment and evaluation contribute to a gap in opportunities for women. Evaluations are the gatekeepers to opportunities, promotions, and recognition. It’s natural to look for shortcuts with so much information to process every day. However, when you rely on your gut instincts as a shortcut to make decisions, mistakes can happen.

This video is produced as part of the online curriculum called Voice & Influence produced by The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University in partnership with Leanin.Org, and community platform start-up Mightybell.

In this talk, Correll explains how to create solutions that scrutinize the ways individuals and organizations make decisions about people and relationships in order to reduce errors. Doing so, you’ll create environments where people have opportunities to do their best and be recognized for their work.

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