Negotiation Tips & Resources


Academic Salary Data

Job-hunting handbooks recommend that, when it comes to negotiating salary, you name a range, from the least you would accept to the most that would be reasonable for someone in the job you are after. These data sources will help you identify what a typical assistant professor makes at the type of institutions where you may be interviewing. Keep in mind that the “average” assistant professor has been teaching for a few years and that salaries vary by field.


Contract Negotiation in Academia

Salary is an important component of an academic job but it is by no means the only negotiable aspect and it may not be the most important component for career success. These links provide multiple perspectives on what resources you can ask for and how to ask for them.


The Negotiation Gender Gap

Research shows that women are less likely than men to ask for salary increases and other resources and that they negotiate less effectively when they are in bargaining situations. The resources listed here identify the social forces that hold women back from asking for resources and offer strategies for how to women can more effectively negotiate for salary and other resources that are essential for career advancement.