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ADVANCE Lunch-and-Learn Series: Making the Shortlist—Crushing the Interview: Keys to Securing Your First Academic Position

This lunch-and-learn empowered postdoctoral scholars and graduate students with the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to navigate the academic interview process from start to finish. They learned skill-building answers to key questions: What does it take to make the “short list”? What are search-committees looking for? What skills are needed to make the in-person interview successful? They learned how to (1) Prepare an application that can help you make the short list; (2) Prepare for the demands and expectations of the in-person interview; (3) Effectively follow-up post-interview, and respond to the offer. 

Presenters: Karen McDonald, Professor, Chemical Engineering, and Faculty Director, UC Davis ADVANCE; Raymond L. Rodríguez, Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology