Isabel P. Montañez named 2012-2013 Herbert A. Young Society Deans’ Fellow

Geologist Isabel P. Montañez, Professor of Geology is awarded a 2012-13 Herbert A. Young Fellowship from the College of Letters and Science.  

Dr. Montañez and her students use crystallized rainfall records that are captured in cave deposits – in particular stalagmites. By dating and geochemically analyzing these as well as monitoring modern cave systems the geologist can learn more about how California’s climate changed, and will change with continued warming. With the fellowship funds, Dr. Montañez are able to upgrade computer resources, purchase additional real-time monitoring equipment that will extend monitoring capabilities to include new caves, and pay for publication-related costs.

The goal of this fellowship program is to honor the achievements of outstanding faculty members in the college. The award is funded with private contributions to the College of Letters and Science Annual Fund and the Herbert A. Young Society, and is intended to be used for research, teaching and service activities.

These three distinguished faculty are recognized annually as Herbert A. Young Society Dean’s Fellows for the period from 2010 to 2013, and will receive an award of $15,000 ($5,000 per year for three years).