LAUNCH Committee Member Info

Thank you for serving as a LAUNCH committee member!

Serving on a LAUNCH Committee

LAUNCH committees provide support and guidance to new junior faculty as they begin their careers at UC Davis. The committees meet with the new faculty member from the time of hire until the end of the first academic year and aim to facilitate the early professional integration and development of the new faculty member. This program is modeled after similar and very successful efforts at Case Western Reserve University and The University of Michigan.

For information about expectations of committee members and topics to focus on during each meeting, please see the LAUNCH Committee Guidelines. A great resource for LAUNCH committee members is the LAUNCH Committee Typical Questions Guide.

Preparing Your Merit/Promotion Statement

We want you to be recognized for the time and effort that you have devoted to serving on a LAUNCH committee. Please remember to include this important service in your merit and promotion package. Feel free to use the LAUNCH Draft Statement for Merit to help you prepare your statement!

For additional information about the LAUNCH committee mentoring program, please click here.