SESTAT: Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System
The NSF Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System

This integrated data system is a unique source of longitudinal information on the education and employment of the college-educated U.S. science and engineering workforce. These data are collected through three biennial surveys:

  • The National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG)
  • The National Survey of Recent College Graduates (NSRCG)
  • The Survey of Doctorate Recipients (SDR)

The NSCG is the core of SESTAT providing data on the U.S. scientists and engineers (S&E) workforce with at least a bachelor’s degree. The NSRCG supplements these data with the inflow of recent college graduates at the bachelor’s and master’s degree level. The SDR further supplements SESTAT with the stock and inflow of U.S.-degreed doctoral level scientists and engineers.

SESTAT data are available for download or through the SESTAT Data Tool, which allows users to generate customized data tables.