Sergi Simó

The Simo Lab studies the molecular mechanisms of neuron migrations.

The neurons that form our central nervous system (CNS) are exquisitely localized and wired, allowing us to perform everyday tasks such as walking, reading or thinking. Neurons find their positions within the brain almost exclusively during embryonic development. A wide variety of guidance cues pilot neurons from the proliferation niches to their final destination, where they stop, mature, and integrate into the existing network. Neurons respond to these guidance cues by regulating signaling pathway that control a myriad of cellular processes (including neuronal speed, direction, and rest phases). The goal of the Simo Lab research is to understand how migrating neurons integrate guidance information by regulating signaling pathways to navigate and successfully reach their final destinations. We closely collaborate with the Simo Lab to investigate neuronal progenitor competence during cortical brain development.