Policies & Practices Review


Policy & Practices Review Initiative
Identify and remove institutional barriers to inclusion and career development


To conduct a systematic review of policies and procedures that impact recruitment, retention and career progress of faculty and, when deemed necessary, propose changes to those policies and practices in order to eradicate implicit bias, promote diversity and eliminate inconsistency in implementation.


To examine and recommend policy updates to UC Davis policies and practices, where needed, in consultation with the Academic Senate and campus leadership.  Focus will be given to the following areas:


  1. Pool Composition
  2. Pool Evaluation
  3. Attractive Environment

Faculty Advancement and Reward

  1. Reward System
  2. Knowledge of Expectations
  3. Faculty Incentives

Faculty Development and Career Climate

  1. Enabling Environment for Successful Academic Careers
  2. Faculty Development Programs
  3. Leadership Training


  1. Work-Life Balance
  2. Sustaining an Attractive Enabling Environment

How does the Policy & Practices Review Initiative engage with the wider campus community to garner timely feedback on recommendations?

The Co-Directors of the Policy & Practices Review Initiative first engage the Academic Senate on a set of policy recommendations via an informal consultation process that utilizes the Academic Senate Information System (ASIS) electronic posting capability to share documents and receive comments from Academic Senate Standing Committees and Senate and Federation faculty.  After the informal consultation closes, faculty comments are reviewed by the Policy & Practices Review committee and the policy recommendations are amended or updated as needed, to address any faculty concerns or suggestions.  The final version of the policy recommendations are then submitted to the Academic Senate Chair with a request for formal consultation.  The policy recommendations on Recruitment are currently undergoing formal consultation.

In addition to the Academic Senate, the Policy & Practices Review Co-Directors engage faculty groups and campus leadership via meeting presentations to discuss proposed policy recommendations (ex: Hispanic/Latin@ Faculty Association, Council of Deans, Chairs, etc…).

What is the timeline for review, informal consultation and formal consultation on each set of policy recommendations?

To ensure that all policy recommendations reflect national best practices for academic research institutions and will be functional within the context of UC Davis, approximately 12-18 months will be devoted to each topical area (Recruitment, Faculty Advancement and Reward, Faculty Development and Career Climate, and Retention).  Policy recommendations will be developed sequentially, beginning with Recruitment, and working through the natural progression of policies that impact faculty career development.