Inclusive Campus Climate


Inclusive Campus Climate Initiative
Establish programs to reduce impact of unconscious bias and to promote diversity


To design and implement programs that will generate a more equitable assessment of women and underrepresented groups in STEM fields.  To develop and implement culturally-nuanced, evidence-based programs to (a) raise awareness of unconscious and institutional bias (with respect to culture, race/ethnicity, and gender) and (b) generate greater understanding of the ways in which STEM research communities can benefit from the contribution of diversity.


The Inclusive Campus Climate Initiative will:

  1. Establish a campus-wide, inclusive climate that values diversity and promotes the full participation and achievement among all faculty.
  2. Develop evidence-based programs to raise awareness of the influence of unconscious bias (by culture, race/ethnicity, and gender) and the value of diverse perspectives for STEM research.
  3. Institutionalize the administration of unconscious bias and value-of-diversity programs to all faculty at UC Davis and disseminate effective unconscious bias and value-of-diversity programs to other UC campuses and universities nationwide.
  4. Develop and implement the Strength Through Equity and Diversity (STEAD) program in order to identify and change biased recruitment and hiring practices to be more inclusive, to broaden applicant pools, and ultimately enhance the excellence and diversity among faculty job candidates and new faculty hires.
  5. Conduct a UC systemwide roundtable discussion on workplace climate to:
  • Examine the issue of the workplace climate and the impact climate has on the recruitment, retention and success of diverse STEM faculty
  • Examine the varied dimensions of workplace climate, the factors that influence it, and how the experience of climate varies by gender and race/ethnicity
  • Equip participants with tools, resources, and strategies for assessing and improving workplace climate for STEM faculty.
What is the Strength Through Equity and Diversity (STEAD) workshop?

Launched in Fall 2014, STEAD has been developed by a campus-wide faculty committee that will run workshops (starting in the Fall of 2014) for faculty involved with recruitment committees at UC Davis.  STEAD members have worked throughout the year to develop the workshop and supporting materials. The workshop will focus on the value of diversity, the impact of implicit and structural bias on the evaluation process and best practices for minimizing the impact of bias and maximizing the potential for inclusive, equitable, and successful faculty recruitment.  Faculty members serving on search committees will be required to participate in a STEAD workshop once every three years and this training will replace the search committee training formerly offered by the Office of the Vice Provost Academic Affairs.