CAMPOS Initiative
Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science


To support discovery of knowledge by promoting women in science, starting with Latina STEM scholars and expanding to all underrepresented groups in STEM, through building an inclusive environment that is diversity-driven, mentorship-grounded, and career-success focused. CAMPOS builds on the campus commitment to diversity and inclusion, spearheaded by the new Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity and the Office of Institutional Diversity.


  1. To facilitate the creation of a ”Blueprint for Action” in each of the UC Davis STEM Schools and Colleges that will sustain institutional transformation through changes in policy and best practices that support women and other underrepresented groups in science.  Best practices will be informed by the work of UC Davis ADVANCE CAMPOS and Social Science Research Initiatives on understanding the experiences of Latinas in STEM.
  2. To help build and support a diverse STEM UC Davis research community that reflects the changing demography of the United States and Global Community.
  3. To establish community, public, private, government partnerships to permanently sustain CAMPOS.



CAMPOS Faculty Scholars- Nominations Welcome!

CAMPOS Faculty Scholars are exceptional scientists in a STEM discipline. They are selected for their transformative thinking, unique perspectives, interdisciplinary approaches, and leadership potential to impact their STEM discipline in profound and enduring ways. Their discoveries, innovations, and technological breakthroughs will contribute to the public good, locally, nationally, and globally. A CAMPOS Faculty Scholar is a role model for future scientists and scholars who share their vision of diversity and inclusion, as key components of the Academy in the 21st Century.


CAMPOS Faculty Affiliates- Applications Welcome!

The CAMPOS Faculty Affiliates Program provides an opportunity for UC Davis faculty to engage with CAMPOS Faculty Scholars in efforts to build diversity within the academic STEM* disciplines and to enhance our campus’s academic engagement with underserved communities. 

CAMPOS Faculty Affiliates Application


CAMPOS Cafecitos/Coffee Breaks

CAMPOS hosts a series of Cafecitos (coffee breaks) throughout the academic year, for faculty to network and discuss topics relevant to promoting, and sustaining a diverse community of STEM faculty.