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Interesting blog post regarding sociological literature on women in science

There is an interesting blog post worth checking out by Nathalie Pettorelli entitled “Ill-informed prophecies and the future of women in ecology“.  The post is a response to an article that was published in the journal “Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution” entitled:  “The future of ecology: a collision of expectations and desires?” by Jeffrey A Lockwood, Derek S Reiners, and William A Reiners.

In the response Dr. Pettorelli discusses multiple aspects of the Lockwood et al. paper and related issues regarding women in science and sociological studies of women in science.  It includes a nice collection of references and some important conceptual points. For example, she asks about why a sociological study of women and men in ecology was published in an ecology journal and not in a journal that focuses more on sociological studies.  She also discusses what she (and others) believe are flaws in the Lockwood et al. study. 

This blog post is definitely worth a look.


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