Diversity in Academe: The Gender Issue
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Not long ago, women were the focus of most gender discussions in academe. But now it’s more complicated, with each sex drawing attention for different reasons. In this special report, we look beyond the data and explore gender issues among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members on campuses across the country. 

Gender in Academe

  • Who’s Studying What: Female students outnumber males, but some fields of study remain stubbornly single sex.
  • Men Dominate in Philosophy and History:  Feminist philosophers aren’t surprised.
  • Seeking Female Computer Scientists: Some colleges have figured out how to draw women.
  • Defying the Data: A former convict’s story sheds light on the “school to prison” pipeline and other misconceptions about academe’s black gender gap.
  • Closing the Gap in Student Engagement: Men and women participate in campus life in vastly different ways.
  • By the Numbers: A sortable table showing the race, ethnicity, and gender of students at a broad range of colleges


  • Lady Academe: Women’s ostensible success in higher education obscures continuing inequalities, Marc Bousquet argues.
  • Is Biology Another Pink-Collar Job? Women outnumber men in the field, but the faculty pipeline is leaky, say Marlene Zuk and Sheila O’Rourke.
  • Why Diversity Leads to Better Science: Different backgrounds make for more innovation, argues Sue V. Rosser.
  • Forum: Women in STEM Fields. Why haven’t efforts to attract women been more successful? Five experts discuss.