Brian Nosek
Professor of Psychology

Brian Nosek is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. Dr. Nosek studies the gap between values and practices – the difference between what is intended, desired, supposed to happen and what actually happens. His work is based on the gap between values and practices as it is related to a variety of psychological distinctions: intentions versus actions, explicit versus implicit thoughts, endorsed beliefs versus automatic responses, goals versus outcomes, motivations versus behavior, ideology versus reasoning, and moral judgments versus moral intuitions. The majority of Dr.

Nosek’s research has applied this interest to implicit social cognition – thoughts and feelings that occur outside of conscious awareness or control – but the interest has general application. He applies this interest to basic science investigations of human behavior, to applied research and examination of organizational behavior, and to scientific practices. He is the co-founder of Project Implicit at Harvard University, and co-founder of the Open Science Framework. In 2010, he received the All University Teaching Award at the University of Virginia, and is also the recipient of an International Social Cognition Network (ISCON) Early Career Award (2007), and Michele Alexander Early Career Award for Scholarship and Service, Society for the  Psychological Study of Social Issues (2007). Dr. Nosek received his doctorate from Yale.