Bruce Haynes
UC Davis ADVANCE Policy and Practices Review Initiative Committee Member, Professor of Sociology

Bruce D. Haynes is a professor of sociology at UC Davis. Haynes studies racial and ethnic relations and urban communities, and seeks to understand the processes of racialization and the consequences of racial and ethnic classification for communities, particularly within an urban context. His work can be divided into three general research areas: racialized community formation; race, racialization, and social identity; and urban poverty, race and place. Haynes work often crosses disciplinary boundaries of American Studies, Community and Urban Sociology, Race and Ethnic Relations, and Jewish Studies while it remains imbedded squarely in traditional historical and qualitative methodologies in Sociology. Dr. Haynes has received the Chancellor’s Award “Soaring to New Heights Special Citation for Diversity and Principles of Community” and the Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Educator Award, co-sponsored by the Office of Campus Community Relations.

His publications include The Ghetto: Contemporary Issues and Controversies (Westview Press, 2011) and Red Lines, Black Spaces: The Politics of Race and Space in a Black Middle-Class Suburb (Yale University Press 2001). Currently, Haynes has an “in press” research project with New York University Press about Black Jews in America entitled, Hear O’ Israel: Voices of African American Jews, and a second co-authored “in press” project with Columbia University entitled Down the Up Staircase:  Three Generations of a Harlem Family.