Tom Famula
UC Davis ADVANCE STEAD Committee Member, Professor of Animal Science

Tom Famula is Professor of Animal Science at UC Davis. Dr. Famula’s research focuses on the statistical aspects of genetics and animal improvement. Most recently this has concentrated on the inheritance of disease in dogs, a topic that has focused on epilepsy in Belgian Tervuren, deafness in Dalmatians, and Addison’s disease in Bearded collies. The intent is to discover the specific genes that influence the expression of disease. Dr. Famula is renowned for his research and teaching.

He received a distinguished teaching award from UC Davis (1999) and was recently listed in the Princeton Review’s “300 Best Professors List,” one of only 10 University of California professors on the list. His course, Animal Science 1, is one of the best-reviewed and most popular lower-division courses offered at UC Davis.  Dr. Famula received a doctorate from Cornell University (1981).