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UC Team Science Retreat
July 25-28, 2014
Santa Barbara, CA

Karen McDonald and Ray Rodriguez presented on “The Art and Craft of Team Science” at the inaugural UC Team Science Retreat, at UC Santa Barbara on July 27, 2014. 

Collaborative, interdisciplinary team science-based research has become increasingly central in scientific discovery. Team science garners more funding, and more impactful research and publications. Having a strong network of collaborators and mentors is critical to a productive and successful academic career.

In a small group environment, the UC Team Science Retreat promoted team science competencies and leadership capacity of early-mid career faculty and post-doctoral scholars across the 10 campuses of the University of California system. In particular, the Retreat targeted established or new diverse teams, as well as women and underrepresented minorities who want to become involved in team science initiatives. 

The Retreat featured presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, and one-on-one consultation on team science dynamics and leadership, research design, and proposal writing.