National STEM Data Sources

National data sources and research reports provide the baseline for assessing the state of STEM education, labor force development, research and development in the United States. These data sources are commonly referenced by researchers, educators, policymakers, and the public.


UC Davis Campus Climate Survey

The University of California (UC) is dedicated to fostering a caring university community that provides leadership for constructive participation in a diverse, multicultural world. The University has a long history of supporting initiatives that foster an inclusive living, learning, and working environment. A common recommendation offered by these initiatives was the need for a comprehensive tool that would provide campus climate metrics for students, faculty, staff, post-doctoral scholars, and trainees across the system.


UC Davis Statistics

ADVANCE Institutional Transformation programs are required annually to report data related to progress toward the goals of the program. Our reports include statistics about UC Davis STEM faculty and mid-term and annual reports that assess the effectiveness and impact of our program.


Social Science Research Initiative


To conduct integrated empirical studies and on-going data analyses that will inform UC Davis ADVANCE program activities and interventions aimed at improving the recruitment & retention of diverse STEM faculty, with emphasis on Latinas and Hispanic women. 


The Social Sciences Research Initiative will:


Databases of Published Research

UC Davis ADVANCE has collected the scientific literature on issues relevant to the NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Programs. The following links take you to publicly available Zotero databases that we will continue to build and update.