Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome Workshop
April 15, 2014• UC Davis

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

11:30-1:00pm | 126 Voorhies

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Even highly achieving and successful people (like graduate students and postdocs!) may feel like impostors when confronted with the competitive aspects of academia and in working closely with so many other intelligent and talented people. 

In this workshop, we will examine the challenges to overcoming the impostor syndrome and explore strategies that will help us to see ourselves as we really are instead of focusing on unrealistic assumptions.

Workshop Leader: Dr. Romana Norton, Community Counselor, SHCS Community Advising Network            

Romana A. Norton, Ph.D. is a CAPS Community Advising Network (CAN) Community Counselor for the African Diaspora and Transfer, Reentry, and Veterans at the University of California-Davis. She earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a minor Ph.D in Ethnic Studies from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She has a Masters in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a B.S. in psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her areas of interest include cultural and academic identity development, trauma recovery, and culturally competent pedagogical and clinical practices. She has been invited to present on multicultural issues by a number of colleges and universities and has co-authored and authored several scholarly works on multicultural issues. She is the Past-Chair and present Membership Chair of Division VII (Diversity and Social Justice) of the California Psychological Association.

Sponsored by SHCS and GradPathways