Magali Billen
UC Davis ADVANCE Mentorship and Networking Initiative Committee Member, Associate Professor of Geophysics

Magali Billen is a Professor of Geophysics at UC Davis. Her research uses powerful computers to research what is happening deep within Earth, in the viscous mantle that lies under the thin crust of rocky plates that form the planet’s outer surface. In particular, her geophysical research efforts focus on subduction zone dynamics, deformation and rheology of the lithosphere and upper mantle, effects of water and melt on viscosity and plate tectonics.

Recent projects include finite element models of subduction zones and lithospheric deformation of continents in oblique convergent margins. Dr. Billen is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award (2007) and was recently a UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow (2010-2011). She has actively worked to support and connect new UC Davis faculty through a New Faculty Network project and email list. Dr. Billen received a doctorate from the California Institute of Technology.