Sharon Lawler
Associate Professor of Entomology

Sharon Lawler is a Professor of Entomology at UC Davis.  Dr. Lawler conducts basic and applied research on the ecology of aquatic systems. Her lab has two main areas of study: predator-prey dynamics in complex communities, and effects of mosquito control techniques on aquatic systems. To understand predator-prey dynamics, Dr. Lawler uses both a laboratory model system of protozoans, and field research on the effects of introduced fish on native fauna. The research on mosquito control is field-based.

She is also involved in research and scientific discourse on how biodiversity affects the functioning of ecosystems. Dr. Lawler is also the Faculty Equity Advisor in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the Chair the Diversity and Equity Committee for the college at UC Davis. Dr. Lawler received a Ph.D. from Rutgers University.